Routine Surgery is performed daily at our purpose built surgical suite by Dr Jo Smaller and her team of experienced surgeons.

Prior to surgery please ensure that you follow any pre-operative instructions given to you by staff.

Veterinarians and Vet Nurses are fully trained in the field of anaesthesia. Moreover, we have the latest up-to-date monitoring equipment allowing us to comprehensively observe depth of anaesthesia, respiratory and cardiovascular function, blood pressure and pain levels.

Prior to any anaesthetic or sedation you will be asked if you consent to a pre- anaesthetic blood tests. The vet may have already recommended this test.  This test is useful in older animals to detect abnormalities with various organ systems, this will impact the type of anaesthetic agents used and may even determine whether the anaesthesia will go ahead. In young animals it is most useful in identifying congenital abnormalities.

We always recommend intravenous fluids during anaesthetics or sedations; this will help ensure organ systems are adequately perfused during the procedure and generally provides a smoother anaesthetic.

Please speak to staff at least 24 hours prior to an anaesthetic to receive additional pre-operative instructions.

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