Rose Bay Vet Hospital

Rose Bay Vet Hospital is a well-established veterinary facility located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We advocate for our patients, empower owners to make the best decisions for their pets, make every owner’s interaction meaningful, and consider our team as our family.

The hospital aims to provide the highest quality care for any animal visiting the clinic whilst being compassionate to the needs of owners.

Our Services


Led by Dr. Michael Linton, an expert in Internal Medicine at the Royal Australian Veterinary College, our team provides personalized care for your pets


We provide essential microchipping services for pets, ensuring compliance with local council requirements.


At Rose Bay Vet Hospital, our vaccination protocols are tailored to each animal, informed by the latest scientific research.


We offer expert dental care for pets, addressing common issues like bad breath and preventing serious health risks.

Fleas & Ticks

We provide comprehensive flea control solutions for dogs and cats, addressing allergic skin diseases and ensuring effective prevention year-round.


We provide comprehensive worming solutions for your pets, offering a variety of convenient options such as oral tablets and topical spot-on treatments.


We conduct surgeries in our advanced suite led by Dr. Jo Smaller and our skilled team, ensuring your pet’s safety with expert care and cutting-edge monitoring.


We provide in-house testing with our fully equipped laboratory for immediate results on various samples. Additionally, external tests are conducted in collaboration with both veterinary and human laboratories.


We provide advanced imaging services with our state-of-the-art Digital X-ray and Ultrasound machines, offering quick and detailed insights into internal structures, as well as thorough bone assessments for orthopedic conditions.

House Call

House calls are available every day on request. One of our friendly vets and loving nurses will come to see your pet in the comfort of their own home.

Cat Boarding

Rose bay Vet offers an on-site boutique boarding facility for cats and various exotic animals. We have dedicated nursing staff that supervise your pets and give them plenty of care and attention. 

Cat Adoption

Discover the joy of feline companionship with our exceptional cat adoption services! At our center, we offer a delightful array of furry friends waiting to bring warmth and love into your home.

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