About Us

About Us

Rose Bay Vet Hospital is a well-established veterinary facility located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. The hospital employs two full time and two part time veterinarians as well as four nursing/ancillary staff.

The hospital aims to provide the highest quality care for any animal visiting the clinic whilst being compassionate to the needs of owners.

“Staff were friendly and attentive. Joanne was thorough and empathetic. Very good!”
N. Balkin

Meet our Doctors

Dr Jo Smaller

Practice Vet Director

Jo Smaller graduated from the University of Sydney in 2005 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and a Honours in a particularly peculiar disease called ‘rat lungworm.’

She took her first job in North Queensland where she was lucky enough to treat all kinds of native wildlife from Kangaroos to Cockatoos and Taipans. Since then she has worked in small animal practice in Sydney and completed a Masters in Small Animal Practice.

Jo is particularly interested in ophthalmology, medicine, soft tissue surgery and imaging.

Outside of work Jo is kept busy by her two fur babies Mr T and Zak. Mr T was adopted after being abandoned in the clinic boarding facility, hard to know why, he is a real charmer who loves a smooch. Zak is Jo’s a naughty Labrador who loves to raid the treat bar. He was adopted because lacked the brains to make it as an assistance dog, but he does make up for it in character

More recently Jo is kept busy by her two human babies Zola and Archie.

Jo works Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Rachael Oatway

Practice Manager

Rachael has been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for over 10 years. She joined our team in January 2019 as Practice Manager and we are delighted to have her with us. Rachael works around the clock, behind the scenes to ensure our hospital runs smoothly.

Outside of work Rachael enjoys her Boston terrier called Coby.

Dr Sarah Wheeldon


Sarah started at Rose Bay Vet Clinic in September 2019. Originally from Newcastle, she graduated from the University of Sydney in 2014.

Since then Sarah has travelled quite a lot being a vet in Gloucester NSW for 2 years, then locumming in London, New Zealand, Newcastle and Sydney.

Sarah’s looking forward to meeting all your fur babies, she enjoys getting to know her patients during consults, making sure to reward any needles with plenty of treats! Special veterinary interests include opthamology, soft tissue surgery and dentistry.

Outside of work Sarah enjoys spoiling her newly adopted cat Harris and exploring the coastline now she’s settled in Coogee.

Sarah works everyday except Tuesdays.

Dr Melissa Bridges


Mel graduated from the University of Sydney in 2016 with first class honours and has since been working at a variety of small animal clinics around Sydney. Mel’s interests include surgery, dentistry and feline medicine. Mel is Fear Free certified and strives to make veterinary visits as stress-free as possible for our patients.

Outside of work Mel is kept busy doting on her 3 cats, Aero, Tux & Pepperoni and Dalmatian Nacho.

You can find Dr Mel in clinic on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Dr Sam Preston


Originally hailing from the city of Melbourne, Sam followed his heart and headed north to the tropical paradise of Far North Queensland in 2017. It was there, at James Cook University, that his journey into the world of veterinary medicine began.

Sam’s fascination with the diverse range of cases that animals present ignited his ambition to become a vet. Throughout his training, he has left no stone unturned, tending to patients ranging from adorable kittens in Sydney to even the majestic  hippos of South Africa.

With a heart set on small animal practice, Sam found his professional home at Rose Bay Vet in early 2023. His dedication has led him to cultivate a deep interest in soft tissue surgery, critical care, and the intricate field of epidemiology.

Sam’s compassionate care and medical expertise are readily available to you. He welcomes consultations every week, specifically on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


Veterinary Nurse

Katie is a veterinary nurse from Cork, Ireland. Katie joined our team full time in september after making the big move to Australia in February 2020. 

Katie brings a wealth of knowledge to our team after qualifying as a veterinary nurse in 2016. She is currently continuing her studies by completing her degree in animal science through the Napier University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Outside of work you can find Katie exploring her new Sydney lifestyle.


Veterinary Nurse

Kayleigh is a dedicated and compassionate nurse who was born and raised in South Africa. While in South Africa she achieved her certificate in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation before moving to England in 2018. After two years of work experience and three years of studying in England, Kayleigh qualified with the Royal College of veterinary surgeons as a registered Veterinary nurse. Once qualifying Kayleigh made the big move to Australia where she found her new home at Rose bay vets. 

Kayleigh is strongly committed to being a nurse and to the welfare of animals. She believes in providing them with the highest standard of care, whether it’s a routine check-up, a surgical procedure, or critical care during emergencies. She strives to ensure that every animal she encounters feels safe, comfortable, and well-cared for throughout their visit


Veterinary Nurse

Emalee is a dedicated and passionate Veterinary Nurse with a heart full of love for animals. Emalee’s journey began with volunteering at a variety of animal shelters where she found her true calling in providing exceptional care to animals. Emalee obtained her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing and Animal Care in 2022 . 

With a blend of professional training, volunteering experience, and a genuine love for animals, she has swiftly transitioned from a student to a skilled professional dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of pets and their families in our community.



Stacy is originally from England and came to Australia in 2016. Stacy has extensive knowledge regarding horses and previously worked in a local equestrian centre teaching.

Stacy has an ex racehorse called Eddie and a jack Russell puppy called Ernie in whom which she adores! Stacy can be found on reception 5 days a week.


Veterinary Receptionist

Sarah is our dedicated veterinary receptionist with a passion for animal care and welfare. Originally from Austria, she has been calling Sydney home since 2023. Currently, she is pursuing her studies in AVBS at the University of Sydney, with dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian.

Sarah has a fascination with both domestic animals and Australia’s extraordinary wildlife. When she is not buried in books or assisting at the clinic, you’ll likely find her at the beach or keeping active playing basketball.


Vet Student

Maddie is a veterinary student currently pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinary surgeon at the University of Sydney. Maddie’s passion for the industry was sparked at a young age when her family first adopted their cats. As a child Maddie loved tending to them, often wrapping their pretend injuries up with bandages.

She joined the Rose Bay Team in 2018, working as a kennel hand on Sunday afternoons while completing her HSC. After spending some time abroad earlier this year she came back to work with us full time. She’s highly devoted to providing love and care to all our patients and can often be seen handing out treats and cuddles to all the patients in reception.

Outside of work she can be found at the beach, with friends or taking her handsome pup Dexter on adventures.


Vet Student

Imogen joined the Rose Bay team in 2021 after moving from Melbourne to study the Bachelor of Veterinary Biology / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Sydney.

Imogen’s veterinary career commenced at a Melbourne vet clinic, where a volunteer role soon turned into a regular position as a kennel hand, and assisting the vet nurses with general duties.

In her spare time, Imogen enjoys playing the trombone, surfing and taking her border collie for walks on the beach. She also enjoys holidays with her family on the South Coast of New South Wales. You can find Imogen working at reception two days a week. She looks forward to meeting you and your much-loved pets!


Animal attendant

Having been an animal lover for as long as she can remember, Grace’s dream to

work at a veterinary hospital came true when she started as an animal attendant at Rose Bay Vet Hospital in 2023.

Grace is currently studying veterinary bioscience and chemistry at the University of Sydney. She is particularly interested in native birds, frogs and possums. At home, she cares for her cavoodle, Maggie, and an axolotl called  Flapjack.


Animal attendant

Hunter is an enthusiastic and caring animal attendant who joined our team in 2023. She is currently studying her certificate II in Animal care and is striving to become a vet nurse in the future. Hunter is very passionate about animal welfare and is committed to making a visit to the vet as comfortable as possible. Hunter brings so much joy to our patients, clients and team and we can not wait to see her smash it as a Veterinary nurse in the years to come. 


Lead Customer Care

Yolande is our client care leader hailing from the charming city of Newcastle. With her warm smile and unwavering passion for her work, she has been an invaluable addition to our team at Rose Bay Vet since 2022.

Bringing over a decade of extensive customer service experience to the table, Yolande has honed her skills in creating exceptional client experiences. Her friendly demeanor and genuine empathy towards both pets and their owners create an atmosphere of trust and comfort for anyone walking through the clinic’s doors. Yolande understands that a visit to the vet can be a mix of anxiety and hope for pet owners, and she goes above and beyond to make sure their experience is as stress-free as possible.

Marmalade Cat

Hospital Resident Caretaker

Marmalade was born in the Blue Mountains, south west of Sydney. She spent her first months of life homeless wondering the streets before being taken in by an animal shelter. It was then that she was transferred to the Rose Bay Vet Hospital. It didn’t take long before she was promoted to the position of hospital caretaker.

She holds a very important job at the clinic. She is responsible for ensuring that the clinic treats are still delicious in addition to making sure everything runs smoothly and that anybody that walks past the clinic is tempted to come in to give her a chin scratch.

In her spare time she loves raiding the food cupboard, chasing her tail and of course sleeping.

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