Dental Consent Form

Please fill out the Dental Consent Form prior to your pet’s visit with us.

Dental Consent Form

During your pets dental the vet will probe and map all teeth. This enables the vet to identify which teeth may needextracting, which teeth are at risk and which teeth are healthy. In the event your pet requires extractions;

Do you consent to the extraction of a tooth / teeth if necessary?
Would you like us to call you before tooth / teeth extractions?

Please note if you are unable to answer the phone whilst your pet is under anaesthetic we will proceed with the procedure under the surgeons discretion.

Dental X-rays:
As with human dentistry, X-rays are used as a diagnostic tool. These detailed images allow the vet to assess the
roots of the teeth and treat dental disease below the gum line. Many animals can have abnormal teeth that appear
normal on a standard dental examination.
We recommend full mouth dental radiographs for all our patients Studies show that without dental radiographs 30%
of abnormalities can be missed in dogs, and 50% in cats.

(Owner/Authorised Agent)
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